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About DATA Games

Welcome to Data Games where the thrill of competition meets the joy of entertainment! We specialize in delivering exhilarating experiences across a wide spectrum of gaming genres, including shooting, sports, and fun-filled adventures. At Data Games, we believe that gaming is more than just pressing buttons – it’s about immersing yourself in dynamic worlds, challenging your skills, and connecting with others through shared experiences.  Get ready to level up your gaming experience with Data Games – where the excitement never ends!

Our Qualities

Here are some qualities which keep us separate and prominent in Gaming Industry


Awesome Design

We have great 2D and 3D artist Teams which create the game design.


Interactive Gameplay

Our Developer and QA Team Make sure to deliver bug free and Interactive Gameplay


Positive Reviews

We have positive reviews on our store listing projects, Which shows the quality work from our side.

Recent Projects

These are our games which are available on both Apple and Android Store 

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